"IN" Everything Give Thanks

"IN everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Paul wrote this verse to the church telling us to give thanks in all things. Notice his choice of words. He specifically uses the word "IN" instead of the word "FOR." 

There are many things in life FOR which I am NOT thankful. I am not thankful FOR disease, discouragement, pain, or suffering. I am not thankful FOR the pain of children suffering in hunger, or as victims of abuse. I am not thankful FOR the suffering of friends and family when a loved one dies and they experience deep grief. I am not thankful FOR the pain of broken relationships that are not reconciled. I am not thankful FOR many of the difficulties of life.

However, I am thankful that Paul used the word "IN" when he commanded us to be thankful. I am reminded by this, that no matter what difficulty or struggle may come, "IN" that struggle I can remain thankful.

I am thankful IN all things that Jesus promised to be with us always! Whatever we face today, we can rest, assured of the presence and power of the Lord with us. No, we do not need to be thankful FOR everything, but through the peace and presence of the Lord we can be thankful IN everything.

Have you thanked the Lord today?

Whatever life is throwing at you today, you can be thankful IN the middle of it. Life can be difficult at times, yet we can still have a spirit of thankfulness in the roughest of times.

And...if we just look around...we will see that we might just have a lot to be thankful FOR as well.

I've gotta run,

Pastor Dave