After Easter Thoughts...

Now that Easter Sunday has passed, what now? Some of Jesus followers experienced those same thoughts. In fact, the Bible mentions two of them that had an encounter with Jesus that totally changed them forever.


Luke 24:13-35 records the story. Two disciples, or followers, of Jesus were walking from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus. This was a seven mile journey away from the other disciples, from the center of their worship, and from the events of Jesus' death and resurrection.

Have you ever been through something that left you wanting to walk away from all of the things that could help you? If we are not careful, we tend to isolate ourselves from others when life gets tough. We walk away from friends, family and even God when we need all of them more than ever.

Three thoughts about this encounter encourage me today, and I hope they do the same for you...

1. Jesus will meet you even when you are going the wrong way.

     -- These two followers were going in a direction away from everything and everyone that could help them. 

     -- His love is not bound by direction.

     -- His focus is on you and your future...because He has been there.


2. Jesus is after you even when you are not before Him.

     -- The disciples had left Jerusalem. 

     -- They were no longer before, or in front of Him.

     -- However, Jesus was still "after" them...pursuing them with love and care.


3. Jesus will stay close when He is asked...

     -- They urged Him strongly to stay.

     -- Oh, that we would urge Jesus strongly to stay with us...

     -- Let that be our prayer.  God, let your glory, your presence, stay close to me!


Be encouraged today!  Jesus loves you!  He can turn around any situation you face. Give it to Him today.

I've gotta run,
Pastor Dave